Alchemy is as plug-n-play as product customization gets, complete with a usable CMS-based back-end, built-in product customization interface and real-time image url generation.

Alchemy is a framework for creating data-driven product customization experiences across a wide variety of product categories, from apparel and footwear to sporting goods and accessories. Projects built on Alchemy come with a usable CMS-based back-end, allowing you to modify the available options or add new products when you need to.

Alchemy makes easy things easy:
  • Hierarchical Data – Every Alchemy project starts with a core set of hierarchical data types; from product types and model families down to individual options like material colors or font styles.
  • Flexible Pricing – Products and options can be easily priced for different markets.
  • Built-in Product Customizer – Start with our template customizer application or build a fully custom application to match your brand.
  • Re-use your content – Getting images, text descriptions, or full hierarchical data on any customized product instance for integration with another application is as easy as calling our REST API.
Alchemy makes hard things possible:
  • Fine Tune with Metadata – Metadata unique to your project makes your customizer accurately reflect your business.
  • Content Managed Business Rules – Options expressing your business rules can be surfaced in a data-driven CMS that you can control.
  • Workflow Add-on – Need order-tracking and workflow tools? We can do that too.
Alchemy integrates with your business:
  • Readily Integrated into your Business – Our REST API and hierarchical JSON data make it straightforward to format order data to integrate with your existing cart and manufacturing solutions.
  • Data Import Capable – Alchemy can import your data and synchronize product and option availability with your existing stock management system.
  • Real-Time Imagery – Alchemy can integrate with any url-based image generation solution, including Adobe Experience Manager Dynamic Media (formerly Scene7), Amplience, and our own SVG-based Elixir system.